Coworkers And Colleagues Can Now Rate Each Other’s Work Performance

Coworkers And Colleagues Can Now Rate Each Other’s Work Performance

Completed is a new platform that allows people to rate their coworkers on their performance in the hopes of providing constructive feedback

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 11 may 2017

No one likes performance reviews — having your work scrutinized over and discussed at length by your higher-ups can be agonizing. Now imagine being graded as a professional online, having your work constantly looked over and judged by colleagues. Completed is a start-up looking to provide a platform to do just that, like Yelp for professionals. This means that your co-workers could rate you as a worker and provide constructive feedback, which may or may not be helpful when you re-enter the job market.

However, the worry arises that is an issue on all other review websites: what about trolls? If this is a platform meant to evaluate a person’s professional life, a negative fake comment, or even being the target on online bullying, could severely hurt their ability to find work later on. Michael Zammuto, CEO of Completed, tells FastCompany that they are working on ways to make sure those kinds of reviews are systemically weeded out, though he won’t go into the specifics on how:

“Completed has invested heavily in a patent-pending algorithm that seeks to publish reviews that are trusted based on a number of criteria from location of the reviewer, patterns of reviews left by the reviewer, IP matching, language filtering, and more.”

However, people can also leaving a rating for a person who is not on the platform, but it will not be taken down by Completed unless it is libel. This might be an incentive to join the site and get friends and colleagues to go and add good ratings. However, the goal of Completed is to help people be highlighted for the good work that they do which might not show on a resume. The platform’s goal is to have over 10 million profiles by mid-summer. It might be worth taking a look to see if you’ve been mentioned on it already.


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