Experience Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam through a special art installation that presents the cities by smells

What smells take you back to your favorite places? French train company Thalys teamed up with creative agency Rosapark to create “Scents of the City,” a new art installation that bottles the scents that reminds people of their beloved cities.

The installation is open in Brussels and includes a total of 16 scents from from major cities: Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam. Some of their offerings include “A real French breakfast,” which smells like a typical buttered tartine, “Latexxx,” a latex odor meant to represent the Sex Museum in Amsterdam and “Moments after Mass,” which is the smell of the Cologne Cathedral. Each scent is housed in a colorful tube with a number on it, which corresponds to a place on a map so visitors can identify where exactly the smell is coming from.

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