Ford Envisions Future Car Interiors Made Of Bamboo

Ford Envisions Future Car Interiors Made Of Bamboo

The iconic American car company is testing one of Asia's most abundant natural resources

Matt Vitone
  • 17 may 2017

Known for being both panda food and one of nature’s strongest materials, bamboo has been used in a variety of ways for centuries across different cultures. Now Ford has revealed it is currently testing bamboo for use in the interior of its vehicles.

The company says some surfaces inside Ford cars could one day be made from a combination of bamboo and plastic to create a durable, super hard material.

“Bamboo is amazing,” said Janet Yin, a materials engineering supervisor at Ford’s Nanjing Research & Engineering Centre. “It’s strong, flexible, totally renewable, and plentiful in China and many other parts of Asia.”

Ford’s Nanjing team found that bamboo performs comprehensively better than other tested synthetic and natural fibers in a range of materials tests, from tensile strength tests to impact strength tests. It’s also been heated to more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure it can maintain its integrity.


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