A recent campaign wants to garner public acceptance of nursing moms in Colombia by using breastfeeding mannequins

Creative agency JWT Colombia has partnered with healthcare company, Abbott, to change the way breastfeeding is viewed in Colombia, where breastfeeding mothers often receive comments and harassment in public. To change public perception, the agency partnered with numerous stores—including Victoria's Secret, Merrell and Kipling—across hundreds of malls in Colombia to add breast-feeding mannequins to their window displays.

Each mannequin sits cross legged, cradling a baby, shirt unbuttoned to breastfeed, and includes a sign next to her, requesting that the mall be declared safe-spaces for breastfeeding. The movement, called Amigos De La Lactancia (or Friends of Breastfeeding) garnered attention on social media, and led 10 malls to change their policies within two weeks of implementation. Perhaps, a similar movement could help lessen harassment of women's bodies in public spaces in the U.S. and other countries as well.

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