This App Makes It Easier To Put Your Money Where Your Beliefs Are

This App Makes It Easier To Put Your Money Where Your Beliefs Are

Grabbing your wallet just got a lot easier thanks to a new app that identifies the values of various brands

Leo Lutero
  • 10 may 2017

Though many of us take up causes we’re passionate about, as a consumer, it can be hard to know which brands align with our values. But a new app, Nudge for Change, helps you spend money on companies that value the same things that you do.

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The first thing to do in the app is to align it with what you believe in. Upon opening, the app will ask you questions about where you stand on various issues, including the environment, LGBT equality, closing the wage gap between sexes, defeating racism and bettering workers’ lives.

After the initial set-up process, the app is now ready to use. Nudge for Change’s own algorithm and rating system gives scores to brands in the different categories identified. If a user steps in an establishment, the app will activate. It will give a “nudge” to warn the user if the business has a red flag.

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“The wave of activism that’s followed the 2016 election [says] Americans are ready to take social and environmental justice into their own hands,” said Nudge for Change CEO Aaron Hayes in a press release.

“Part of that process is sending a clear message to corporations that even if the law doesn’t require businesses to prioritize equality, justice, and sustainability, consumers are still going to demand it,” he added.

Nudge for Change is reminiscent of GrabYourWallet, a public Google Sheet of companies to boycott. In app form, it is more integrated to the purchase process. The ability to pick which values matter is also a great addition.

To rate the companies in its database, Nudge for Change contacted the relevant organizations for data and guidance. For example, GLAAD, Equality Forum and Human Rights Campaign weighed in on the ratings for the LGBT equality category. EPA, Energy Star and Corporate Social Responsibility helped provide with the scoring in the environmental section. GlassDoor, Forbes and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were also consultants for Nudge for Change’s rating system.

Upon release, the app’s company database lists the United State’s 200 biggest retailers, to which it is expected to add more. This includes grocery stores, clothing shops, supermarkets and even pharmacies. The app is currently available for iOS with an Android version in the works.

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