Photorealistic 3D Body Scanner Could Change How We Measure Health

Photorealistic 3D Body Scanner Could Change How We Measure Health

PSFK met up with Co-Founders Alex Wayenberg and Martin Kessler to get a close look at this innovative device

Jiwon Kim
  • 12 may 2017

A typical scale gives us a measure of our weight, which many of us take as an indication of how healthy we are. However, there are so many more factors in determining our health. Recognizing this problem, Alex Wayenberg and Martin Kesller decided to create a personal body scanner and scale that gives an accurate reading and realistic visual of our bodies. Shapescale gives an in-depth view of how our bodies are constantly changing.


It is a very easy process, you just step on the scale and stay still for a few seconds while the sensors move around you. The beauty of this device is that it takes a 3D avatar of you that can be saved, printed– and even modeled. This makes it easier to see yourself in a different, realistic light. Additionally, there is a color-graded heat map that informs you of whether or not you are gaining fat or muscles in certain areas. The heat map makes the data easy to understand. Kesller and Wayenberg wanted to address the problem that people have whenever they go on diets or start working out, it is hard to find motivation at times because it is hard to see the changes. ShapeScale has the ability to track even the small changes, by creating a 2,000,000-point map of the body. People can see which workouts and diets are working for them. It is basically like a mirror that tracks changes. All this data is viewable on the platform.


Kessler explains, “Our big vision is not only to have ShapeScale in use as a fitness product—but rather, as an all-purpose body platform for applications that could use more accurate information on body shapes. On the fitness side, we envision breaking ground as the first platform that can apply AI to predict how your body will look down the road.”

Weight is clearly not a sufficient indicator of health. ShapeScale hopes to create a device that not only provides detailed data, but also make it easier to see tangible changes in your health. For now, preorders are available for $499. Although pricier than most personal scanners, it gives a comprehensive view that no other scale can provide.


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