Plush Toys Teach Kids About Sea Pollution

Plush Toys Teach Kids About Sea Pollution

These cute mascots called Pollutoys are meant to teach kids to be more environmentally conscious

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 12 may 2017

Each year nine million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean, killing 100,000 marine animals and one million seabirds. In order to educate kids about the dangers of plastic pollution in the oceans, conservation organisation Sea Shephars created Pollutoys, a line of plush toys.

Designed by Budapest-based Andrea Vida, eight adorable mascots have zipped stomachs full of trash items similarly made out of plush. Toy bottles, shopping bags and cutlery make Darla the Dolphin, Mark the Shark, Pelle the Pelican and Penny the Penguin feel sick and downbeat.

Each mascot comes with a story of what happened to them and what kids can do to help them. Organisations such as CompaNanny, Orange Panda and Magnolia King as well as pre-school in Europe and Asia have already incorporated the toys to teach kids to be more environmentally conscious.


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