We picked PSFK 2017 speaker & Google Strategic Planning Director Abigail Posner's brain on consumers' 'fascination with the familiar'

If humankind was to give an Oscar speech on everything it can thank the Internet for, the speech would probably go on longer than Greer Garson's acceptance speech in 1942. Thanks to the Internet, the greatest masterpieces ever to have been manifested are at our fingertips, from Nobel prize winning books to the Mona Lisa up close to language courses to 3D views of the Great Barrier Reef. Yet when we arrive home from a typical day at the office, do we preoccupy ourselves with these things? Hardly. Rather, we spend our time sharing cute cat videos on Facebook or taking Instagram photos of our food. That being said, we don't just upload any old Tabby cat or our Mom’s lasagne. We showcase our kitten fighting its own reflection in the mirror or we recreate sushi into popular NBA shoes. Why? Well, according to Google's Strategic Planning Director, Abigail Posner, it’s because we want to connect to our everyday lives in a way that makes us feel like they’re exciting and beautiful.

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