In the lead-up to PSFK 2017, Peloton Co-Founder and COO Tom Cortese discussed how Peloton lies at the intersection of fitness, media and technology

Tom will be sharing with us his insights on brands and consumers at our PSFK 2017 conference on May 19. Get your tickets today before they sell out!

Remember when Marty McFly traveled back to 1985 after his stint in the future and told all his friends, “Guys, you’ll never believe this. In the future, people won’t play games in arcades, they’ll battle it out virtually via Xbox”? Well this is exactly the poignant analogy Peloton COO and Co-Founder Tom Cortese conveyed when I asked him about the future of fitness. Rather than trek to physical four-walled institutions to work out en masse, people will break a sweat in their very own living rooms connected to a digital instructor all the while feeling more connected to their bodies than ever.

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