Subscription Service Caters To People Who Want An All-Black Wardrobe

Subscription Service Caters To People Who Want An All-Black Wardrobe

LOT is a clothing curator targeting a very particular customer, and it might just be a minimalist's dream come true

Laura Yan
  • 17 may 2017

LOT is a fashion subscription service that promises subscribers an all-black wardrobe, with accessories to boot. Created by designer Vadik Marmeladov, the service will send you a package of all-black basics (including socks, briefs and a t-shirt) as well as an extra clothing item—a sweatshirt, a jacket, pants or shoes—for $49 per month. Each bundle arrives in minimalist packaging, folded and belted into a little black rectangle. According to LOT, “the clothes are dispensable: as they wear out they can be bundled and returned, eliminating clutter.”

But while style-driven subscription services are nothing new (Birchbox has perfected the model for makeup and skin care, and services like Trunk Club offer fashion choices), LOT goes beyond basics and suggests something more. An advanced plan, for $99 per month, includes lifestyle accessories and self-care basics, ranging from an all-black toothbrush and nail clipper to a set of blank identification bracelets, a hair bleach kit and even a tattoo kit.

Marmeladov comes from an industrial design background. LOT’s philosophy follows from his personal code of work, which begins with rule number one: “Wear the uniform,” and includes other tips like, “Do not build utilitarian products. However, use them as a medium to express yourself.”

Marmeladov told GQ that he hopes to personalize LOT’s product offerings in the future—not with more colors, but in how subscribers can use the items. The service has earned enough subscribers to start sending out its first shipments on June 1, and its team plan, which offers the standard plan package for “plus team-only accessories” for a group of eight, is already sold out, suggesting that the all-black uniform might be leading the way for fashion of the future.

LOT | Vadik Marmeladov

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