Use This Anti-Social Media App To Kick Your Social Media Addiction

Use This Anti-Social Media App To Kick Your Social Media Addiction
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Blinky is a social network—with no people.

Jiwon Kim
  • 23 june 2017

All of the social network apps available out there allows users to scroll and browse endlessly. More often than not, users have difficulty staying off their phones and mindlessly wander around the internet. Blinky is an app that plays on this prevalent habit and it offers what any social media app does, it has posts, likes, and comments available. However, Blinky is not a real social network because there are users are not connected to anyone else on the platform and the content is fake.

As users scroll down the app, Blinky offers an indefinite number of random things to look at, which the app calls “blinks.” It ranges from a picture of a celebrity to a picture of a cruise. Users can “like” these blinks through tapping the phone and can even swipe right or left, like Tinder. The premise is that unlike other similar social media apps, Blinky doesn’t stress users out, cause jealousy, stir strong emotions or in its own words, “make you hate your friends.” It simply encourages a user to stay on his or her phone, nothing new from the other apps we see. It also writes in comments for users when they cannot think of a clever one themselves– not that it actually matters.

The beauty of Blinky is that users can mindlessly waste time on the app, but there are no real consequences or feelings that come from the experience. No one else will see a user’s activities, unlike on other social media apps that make it easy to stalk or to be stalked. Since mindlessly staring at smartphones is a habit that is here to stay, perhaps Blinky can be a safe haven for those who want to freely engage with a platform that does not require too much thinking or incite any strong emotions. The surprisingly addicting habit of browsing on Blinky may also be an indication of our shallow relationship with social media apps.



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