Shopify’s Flash Sales App Frenzy Is Drawing Shoppers Back Into Their Community

Shopify’s Flash Sales App Frenzy Is Drawing Shoppers Back Into Their Community

Dropzones enable customers to buy online from physical locations

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 june 2017

Frenzy, Shopify’s flash sales app, held its first Dropzone in the U.S. last weekend. These events enable customers to purchase exclusive products from retailers, which they can buy online using Apple Pay. However, they have to be in a specific location at a certain time in order to access them. The aim is to reap in the same kind of buzz and sense of community that in-store product releases do, but without the need to wait in line at a retail store.

Customers were able to get a hold of the exclusive ‘I’ll See You Soon – Hoodie’ from Anti Social Social Club by being present at the Dropzone in Elysian Park, Los Angeles on Saturday. No hoodies were available for pickup at the Dropzone, but they were shipped directly to those who bought one.


To get the most out of Frenzy, customers can follow the app on social media to find out the specifics about each Dropzone. They are also required to have Apple Pay, as they cannot pay with cash. When a sale unlocks in Frenzy, all they need is their thumbprint to make a purchase.

Customers need to physically be in a Dropzone in order for the sale to appear in Frenzy and they must be in the designated Dropzone when the countdown for the sale reaches zero in order to make a purchase. When that happens, they simply place their order as quickly as they can by tapping on their device’s screen and selecting their size. Frenzy has more Dropzone launches slated for launch in New York, Chicago and across Europe in the future.


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