Hasbro Has Created A Subscription Service For Board Games

Hasbro Has Created A Subscription Service For Board Games

The toy brand launched a new board game subscription service that gives people access to three different board games every three months

Zack Palm
  • 26 june 2017

Hasbro will launch a new gaming subscription service later this summer. For $49.99 per crate, a subscriber receives a selection of three different board games every three months. Customers can choose between a family-friendly subscription and a ‘Party Crate’ option including games with adult content.

The games featured in the crate will only include new releases. For families, the first board game available is Mask of the Pharaoh, a collaborative game that uses virtual reality with a companion mobile app. Those who choose the adult party games will receive Speak Out: Joe Santagato Edition, where players must speak phrases through a mouthpiece and have others guess what they said. Hasbro warns that this game includes “NSFW” language.

The first Hasbro Gaming Crates will be released in August.

Hasbro Gaming Crate

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