IDEO Is Helping Athletes Get More Sleep

IDEO Is Helping Athletes Get More Sleep
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IDEO and Rise Science designed a sleep system that prioritizes bedtime practices

Nick Smatt
  • 19 june 2017

Having a sleep schedule is important and a challenge to maintain. Rise Science, a group of experts in sleep science, in partnership with global design company IDEO, saw this issue as an opportunity.

Three engineering students were initially intrigued by how athlete’s sleep patterns affected daily performance, so they built the Rise Science app to track and analyze sleep. In partnership with IDEO, the team discovered and expanded on the most compelling element of the app—the tips and feedback from a sleep expert—and built The Rise Sleep Kit for athletes.

The kit, which connects to a smartphone, includes UV glasses, a sleep mask, a bed sensor and a chat section where sleep graphs are easily digestible. Human experts then flag and investigate any sleep behavior that looks like it could be improved with their advice.

Rise Science | IDEO

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