MTV Uses Sex Toys To Encourage Recycling

MTV Uses Sex Toys To Encourage Recycling

The media company teamed up with Brazilian agency Africa to create a series of toys using plastic found discarded in the ocean

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 29 june 2017

Recycling plastics may be time consuming, but it is integral to keeping the oceans safe and clean. MTV sought to make that point absolutely clear by collecting plastic found in the ocean and melting it down into plastic dildos. In April of 2017, the company worked with Brazilian agency Africa to create a campaign around these specially crafted sex toys, sending several to social media influencers and celebrities to encourage discussion.

According to MTV’s press release, the idea was to find a way to make people, especially of the younger generation, take notice of what’s happening: “Despite this common knowledge, the problem is only a concern for an increasingly smaller audience. To change this reality, the campaign uses a provocative, new, and impacting tone that conveys the message to MTV’s young audience in a way that doesn’t become ‘wallpaper’. ”

See how these recycled sex toys are made in the video below:


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