PSFK Launches The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK Launches The Future Of Manufacturing
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In partnership with Microsoft, our new report illustrates a more connected ecosystem of manufacturing operations

  • 14 june 2017

When we talk about manufacturing today, we’re no longer just referring to that simple, archetypal production line—but a much more complex infrastructure of moving goods, remote players and, at the root of it all, the omnipotent consumer.  With newly found power in the creation process, these consumers have the upper hand in influencing products they want, consistently eager for the most relevant, effective purchase. The result of these complex influences has had a tremendous impact on end-to-end supply chain operations, pushing manufacturers to create faster, cutting-edge products at scale.

In partnership with global technology and service provider Microsoft, PSFK presents the Future of Manufacturing report, an illustrated examination of manufacturing solutions and the technologies that are enabling successful production in a dynamic, fast-paced world. The report is free to download here.

The manufacturing industry has long thrived by adopting a reactionary approach to production—customer demand influences output, maintenance is performed in response to system breakdowns. However, by leveraging cloud-first digital networks in their operations, and deriving data and usage stats from their finished products, manufacturers can be one step ahead of fluctuating market demands and rapidly deliver high-quality goods. Guided by end-to-end transparency, collaborative knowledge platforms and cloud-based production lines, a new manufacturing vision ensures total operational agility.

Click here to download the full report. 

In the Future of Manufacturing report, we illustrate this new era of connected production with five forward thinking scenarios that present cloud-first solutions to conflicts that are inhibiting today’s manufacturers. Insights from industry experts and strategies for decision makers explore these shifts further and provide tips for actualizing success through these changes.

The 30+ page report includes:

  • Insights into the evolving manufacturing landscape and how to prepare for increased supply chain pressure
  • 5 forward thinking scenarios illustrating the digital landscape
  • 10 trends shaping connected manufacturing
  • Four industry disruptors influencing makers
  • Actionable takeaways for business and information technology decision makers

In partnership with Microsoft, PSFK presents the Future Of Manufacturing report, an opportunity playbook that explores a new era of supply chain management and the technologies that enable faster, more agile manufacturing operations. Tune into for a 10 week in-depth look at expert insights, key findings and detailed scenarios, or download the full report here.

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