Seating Solution For Trains Is Flexible To Both Passengers And Cargo

Seating Solution For Trains Is Flexible To Both Passengers And Cargo
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42 Technology invented a solution to make it easier to create storage space on undersold passenger trains in the UK

Zack Palm
  • 9 june 2017

If a seat goes unsold on a train in Great Britain the area remains empty and unused. UK-based company 42 Technology invented a solution called the Adaptable Carriage. This new setup allows the nation’s Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to reconfigure unused seats and tables to create additional storage space for cargo. The automated system collapses and rearranges the interconnected seats, tables and draught screens in a train car, granting TOCs the ability to adjust a train’s seating to the amount of passengers before departing. Now ready for rail trials, the arrangement can be retrofitted into current steel-frame and modern aluminum train designs or integrated into future models.

The Adaptable Carriage was created as a part of a two-year program funded by the Rail Safety and Standards Board, which hopes to decrease transportation-based pollution.

Adaptable Carriage

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