See Through Walls With A Simple Phone Attachment

See Through Walls With A Simple Phone Attachment
Design & Architecture

A smart, modern stud finder attaches to a smartphone and lets people see wires, studs or animals inside walls

Laura Yan
  • 5 june 2017

Walabot DIY is a device that gives you X-ray vision to see through walls. Designed by 3D imaging company Vayyar, the device attaches to Android smartphones (a version for iOS is currently in development) and uses radio waves to let you spot wires, conduits, studs and even living creatures like mice. Traditional stud finders emit beeps when they detect something behind the wall, but the Walabot DIY will actually try to identify what’s behind the wall and show you a raw image of its shape.

The device can detect objects in up to four inches of depth and works on both concrete and sheetrock. According to customers, it is useful for anything from DIY renovations to detecting termites. Makers and builders, meanwhile, can customize more advanced versions of the Walabot, even adding the ability to track people through walls. The Walabot DIY retails for $199.

Walabot DIY

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