Popular Smartphone Apps Receive A Brutalist Redesign

Popular Smartphone Apps Receive A Brutalist Redesign
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UX designer Pierre Buttin strips down apps such as Facebook, Google and Tinder to what they may have looked like if they were released in a different time

Zack Palm
  • 9 june 2017

Inspired by the ‘brutalist’ aesthetic championed by Pascal Deville, a partner at the ad agency Freundliche Grüsse, UX designer Pierre Buttin began to apply this minimalist appearance to popular apps, including Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Spotify and Tinder.

A brutalist appearance redesign strips away elements of a modern website to achieve a simpler look, closer to something from a 90s webpage. Buttin retained much of the original app’s colors, the company’s logo and unique design, but removed the polish a user would expect, leaving a choppy user interface. The one app that Buttin left untouched was Instagram, offering the cheeky explanation that it’s brutal enough already.

Buttin believes these simpler interfaces could find real value on mobile applications, including reducing the amount of data a phone would use.

Brutalist Redesigns

+Freundliche Grüsse
+Pierre Buttin
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