Solar-Powered MP3 Player Educates Women At Risk

Solar-Powered MP3 Player Educates Women At Risk

Uridu is a non-profit using a small, durable audio device to answer questions about health, work and violence against women

Leo Lutero
  • 5 june 2017

Many women in developing countries are unable to read, and even more have scant access to information. Uridu, a non-profit, non-partisan initiative, wants to empower these women by bridging the gap between them and important information wherever they are in the world and in a format they understand.

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The Uridu MP3 player is a robust piece of hardware. With large, intuitive buttons and a built-in solar panel, it’s designed to work in any condition. Saved on the device are MP3 files that dictate a library of the most important information. The Uridupedia, the knowledge bank of Uridu, is dictated and translated by over 10,000 volunteers. It answers questions about health, work, and it has chapters that tackle common issues like violence against women.

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For more information about the initiative, visit their website here. The mobile web compatible version of the Uridupedia may be accessed here. It is currently available in Arabic, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesian, Kiswahili, Tieng Vet, among other languages.


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