TouchPoints helps wearers alter their responses to stress and anxiety through gentle vibrations

Wearables are all the rage, with different devices to help you to track your day and get the most out of your every minute. All of that efficiency can be stressful, but thankfully, there is also a wearable for that.

TouchPoints is a wrist wearable that uses low levels of vibration on both wrists to improve focus and reduce stress. According to the company, the bands use Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile (BLAST) technology, which alternates vibrations to change the body's reaction to stress, allowing them to approach challenges with a clear and calm mind. TouchPoints claims to help people with issues and disorders ranging from everyday stress, PTSD, insomnia and even autism. A basic kit including two wristbands retails for $135, though they are currently sold out of that particular option.

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