Tea Infuser Brews The Perfect Cup Every Time Thanks To Smart Technology

Tea Infuser Brews The Perfect Cup Every Time Thanks To Smart Technology
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The Teforia Leaf Infuser uses a series of algorithms to balance all of the necessary facets to make the best cup of tea possible

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 29 june 2017

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is an art that most tea drinkers don’t have the time to practice as they’re getting ready for work. The Teforia Leaf Infuser works like a coffee maker by perfectly adjusting all the different components necessary to create the best possible cup of tea.

The process is simple: use the Teforia app to select which tea you are brewing, input the tea into the pod, add water to the machine and then press ‘Start.’ From there, the machine takes over and manages the steeping time, temperature, tea leaf to water ratio and number of infusions, thanks to advanced algorithms. When the tea is ready, the infuser pours it into a carafe for easy serving. The company says this method works best with its own teas, as in order to start the brewing process, one has to tap the top of the loose leaf cartridge on top of the machine.

The idea was to create a brewing system that would allow for the full flavors of the tea to be expressed as the tea-makers intended. The design was meant to make the process as easy as possible, as Allen Han, founder and CEO of Teforia, told Digital Trends, “Smart kitchen tech has been in the spotlight recently for the influx of over complicated, overhyped devices that offer little beyond tech for tech’s sake—and these companies are casting a shadow on the whole industry. By streamlining our smart technology with the Leaf, we’re able to offer a seamless, irreplicable experience to tea drinkers that makes brewing the perfect cup of tea easy and accessible.”

Each infuser costs $399, for those truly looking to take their tea experience to the next level.

Watch the smart infuser at work in the video below.

Teforia Leaf Infuser

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