Augmented Reality Arcade Brings Go-Karting To The Next Level

Augmented Reality Arcade Brings Go-Karting To The Next Level
Augmented & Virtual Reality

Participants in this multiplayer go-kart game compete to pick up virtual coins before other players do

Zack Palm
  • 28 july 2017

The 3rd Planet, an arcade in Japan with a focus on virtual reality games, has a new game available to customers called Hado Kart—a multiplayer go-kart arena where participants play in an augmented reality environment.

Hado Kart players ride real go-karts in a small arena where they attempt to pick up virtual coins before other players do, while also avoiding virtual bombs. The winner of the competition gathers up the most coins to receive the highest score. Each player wears a Microsoft HoloLens headset through which they can see the coins, bombs and other players’ scores. The game only allows for three players to compete at once.

Hado Kart was developed by Meleap, a Japanese company specializing in combing augmented reality technology with other wearable devices.

Hado Kart

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