This Biodegradable Cardboard Grill Can Be Used Once, Then Tossed

This Biodegradable Cardboard Grill Can Be Used Once, Then Tossed
Design & Architecture

The CasusGrill is designed to be an environmentally friendly, single-use way to cook your food

Jennifer Passas
  • 25 july 2017

‘Sustainable hedonism’ is a recent evolution in the green movement based on the idea that design can be environmentally sustainable and lead to better goods and experiences at the same time. A new product called CasusGrill is bringing this concept to life in the form of an aesthetically beautiful, biodegradable, disposable grill.

The grill is about the size of a medium pizza, with a jigsaw puzzle design that makes it easy to assemble. The grill burns hot for an hour and then can be buried and left behind, since all of its materials are natural and will biodegrade.

The outer body of the grill is made of recycled cardboard and holds a layer of rocks that form an inner shell, which insulates the cardboard from the flame. There is also a inside layer of match-lit bamboo charcoal that provides the bamboo grill top with an even layer of heat.

The CasusGrill is now available for pre-order for $8 for your summer grilling needs.


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