This Biometric Ring Could Replace Passwords, Credit Cards And Keys

This Biometric Ring Could Replace Passwords, Credit Cards And Keys
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The Token is a wearable that can replace a fingerprint for a wide range of security applications

Leo Lutero
  • 6 july 2017

Despite drastic advancements in security, keeping safe in an increasingly online world is still a challenge. The Token biometric ring could be an alternative to fingerprints and face scans and offer better security and speed than other existing options.

One important question is: How is the Token ring better than a fingerprint if it is removable from the body? A fingerprint scanner inside the ring verifies the wearer is the actual owner of the ring. If the scanned pattern doesn’t match the owner’s, the ring will not work. When the actual owner takes it off, the ring will again deactivate until the right finger is scanned while it is being worn. To make the Token immune to server hacks, the credentials are stored offline in an EAL5+ certified element. Take note that this is a single-user device.

Because of its NFC and Bluetooth support, there’s a lot the Token can do that other devices can’t. With just two knocks, it can unlock your keyless car. With two knocks more, it is possible log into your online account once this W3C API comes to life. Additionally, the token can serve as your pass to public transportation. It can replace your physical Visa or Mastercard. Finally, the same ring can serve as your key to the office or to the front door of your home.

With its convenient form factor and extended capabilities, the Token wants to be the perfect solution for a seamless, speedy and extremely secure biometric system.

Token’s potential lies in future-proofing the fingerprint. With an activated token, verification is suddenly truly contactless. With speed an important factor in getting through the train station gates, bus doors, inside the home or into your car, the applications are endless. The two-step verification (owning the ring and activating it with biometrics) also offers a unique and, hopefully, more robust safeguard against misuse.

The ring’s battery lasts for two weeks and is rechargeable through a minimalist stand. Configuration along with future firmware updates are coursed via smartphone pairing. The Token retails at $249 for the most basic sterling silver ring. CarLock and DoorLocks are an additional $100 each.


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