This Company Wants To Put A Vending Machine Inside Every Uber

This Company Wants To Put A Vending Machine Inside Every Uber

Lyft and Uber drivers have the opportunity to make a little extra money by selling everyday products to passengers while en route

Zack Palm
  • 31 july 2017

Startup Cargo wants to supply Uber and Lyft drivers with cases full of everyday items for passengers to purchase mid-ride—including snacks, candy, over-the-counter medication, condoms and more. When a driver signs up with Cargo, they receive a case full of products that rests on the car’s center console. When a passenger wishes to purchase an item, they visit the Cargo URL and enter the case’s unique code to select the item they want to purchase and pay for it on mobile. The driver then receives a notification about the successful purchase and gives the passenger the item.

Drivers receive a small cut from the transactions, and they do not have to pay to sign up for the Cargo program or to receive additional items to replenish their stocks.



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