Doctors Can Now Prescribe Digital Services To Their Patients

Doctors Can Now Prescribe Digital Services To Their Patients

Xealth is a startup working to bridge the gap between new digital medical practices and established providers

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 21 july 2017

The medical world is a peculiar mishmash of scientists, researchers, and governmental agencies, as well as startups and long running business alike—a combination that helps the industry stay ahead of the technological bell curve. With breakthroughs occurring every day thanks to a plethora of new systems, devices and healing methods, even the most daunting diseases (both mental and physical) don’t seem as far from a cure as they once did. With AI to help fight cancer, VR to curb PTSD, AR and telepresence robotics to refine surgical operations and CRISPR to genetically modify disease out of our DNA, technology doesn’t just promise a better quality of life, but quantity as well.

Looking to further make use of the digital world to heal our ailments, Seattle-based health care startup Xealth has recently announced funding from a seed round of $8.5million led by DJF to allow doctors to prescribe digital services such as apps and devices. The media assets involved can range from articles, videos, surveys, and various platforms to help patients manage their diabetes, alongside programs for cancer care survivorship and medical apparatuses like glucometers and sleep apnea machines. The tools will then double as data-tracking intelligence to outfit doctors with better information of their patients’ health, as well as schedule reminders to take medication.

The startup makes money by charging hospitals licensing and volume usage fees for patients and providers. Among its customers, Providence Health & Services, UPMC, Hennepin Health, and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin have all joined as investors in the aforementioned seed round. What started out as an incubated idea at Providence’s digital innovation program for a year and a half, the newly minted capital will help Xealth continue to develop the product, increase sales and marketing and grow its team of 12, and integrated more HER platforms as it only supports Epic at this point in time.


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