Nothing From This New Online Grocery Store Is More Than $3

Nothing From This New Online Grocery Store Is More Than $3

Brandless is a new store looking to offer minimalism and quality

Jiwon Kim
  • 18 july 2017

As online shopping only continues to grow more popular, grocery stores are also trying to integrate this into their services. Brandless is capitalizing on this use of technology by not only providing goods you can find at grocery store, but offering high-quality goods for $3 or less. Most of the goods on the store are organic, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO– even with the low prices. The new online shop aims to cater to millennials with its offering, prices and its minimalist packaging.

The two founders, Tina Sharkley and Ido Leffler have tested numerous of products to prepare for the company’s launch. They offer essentials that include anything from coconut oil to mouth wash. The two plan to expand its offerings as the company grows. The reason why everything is affordable is because these household essentials do not have what they call a “brand tax.” The costs that traditionally going to consumer packaged goods distribution no longer apply. Instead, they are delivered straight to the consumer which means the company can offer goods around 40% less than other products on average. Additionally, instead of offering multiple brands for one product, there is just one item available. Brandless works with specific suppliers and delivers them straight to consumers.

Besides affordable prices and quality, they also proactively worked with numerous manufacturers to ensure that the packing was simple, to avoid creating any waste. Brandless also donates one meal for every online order placed. Working with Feeding America, this will benefit those who struggle to attain food for themselves. This also aligns perfectly with millennials who are socially conscious and care about these issues.

With just a $9 flat shipping rate and free shipping for over $72 worth of purchases, it is a good deal for anyone who needs affordable basic necessities while doing some good.


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