This DIY Structure Was Made To Survive Human Extinction

This DIY Structure Was Made To Survive Human Extinction
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The open-sourced living habitat generates power and recycles water

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 4 july 2017

Brooklyn-based artist Huy Bui produces work based on the intersection of plants, architecture and art. His latest installation, ‘A Structure for Hope and Survival,’ is a prototype of a living habitat designed for people to survive in a possible dystopian future.

Now on view at the Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn, ‘The Structure for Hope and Survival’ is described as “a framework of organizing artifacts, tools, supplies, seeds, plants and provisions. The abridged collection of how-to’s, catalogs, and books to inspire and build courage and the skills to lead a life of resilience on Earth.” The modular unit is made of steel pipe tubing and can be connected to others of its kind. Bui is working on a manual to help others build similar structures themselves.


Bui has already posted a complete parts list of items used in this installation. In addition to solar panels, the structure has a functioning water circulation system that irrigates the plants. Look closely and you’ll spot an elevated dog bed.

The project reacts to a dire future scenario for humans, with less of a Mad Max, post-apocalyptic vision. As the title hints, there’s still room for human ingenuity to set things right.

“The structure is simply one big steel suitcase of all the stuff that support[s] your resilient spirit and what it might take to sustain hope for a better world,” Bui writes.

The installation will remain at the Cooler Gallery (22 Waverly Ave in Brooklyn) through the end of June.

Huy Bui | Cooler Gallery

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