This Paper Game Set Is Like An Adult Coloring Book For Makers

This Paper Game Set Is Like An Adult Coloring Book For Makers
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Papier Machine has 13 paper-based electronic toys that can be cut, colored, folded and assembled

Emma Hutchings
  • 24 july 2017

Papier Machine, a project by designers Raphaël Pluvinage and Marion Pinaffo, is a booklet of 13 paper-made electronic toys that can be cut, colored, folded, assembled or torn. The pieces are all silkscreened with special inks that have different electric properties, and there are also mechanical components included, such as batteries and propellers. The games aim to reveal the technology that hides behind the devices and machines we use every day without knowing how they function by making people curious about how it all works.

The interactive paper crafts have sensors that can detect things like wind, color and how much the paper is being tilted. Papier Machine doesn’t impose any specific protocol, but is meant for users to experiment with it.

Paper can be layered, creased, folded, bent, cut, fragmented, frayed, flattened, hung on walls and assembled. These simple actions lead to enjoyable interactive experiences. By scratching a surface with a graphite pencil, throwing papier-mâché projectiles or making confetti piles, users become acquainted with electronic principles. They are also free to interpret the manual in their own way and use their intuitive understanding of the games.

One of the games, Gyroscope, is a paper track shaped like a figure eight with a marble that you need to guide around the track by tilting the paper in different directions. Another, Humidity Sensor, is a circular target at which you fire papier-mâché bullets by dipping them in water and propelling them using a straw, like a pea shooter.

Papier Machine won an Audi Talents award in 2016.

Papier Machine

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