Travelers Can Now Bid To Have An Empty Airplane Seat Next To Them

Travelers Can Now Bid To Have An Empty Airplane Seat Next To Them

Etihad Airways created a program for passengers to bid for other seats around them and not have a neighbor

Zack Palm
  • 7 july 2017

For travelers who don’t want to sit with someone while flying, Etihad Airways, the second largest airline in the United Arad Emirates, permits their passengers to bid for additional seats around them to have a full row to themselves.

The new program is called ‘Neighbour-free seat.’ Passengers can bid  for up to three seats adjacent to theirs after purchasing a ticket. A bid must range from the minimum to the maximum price for a seat, and, if they win, travelers receive a notification 32 hours prior to the flight. Etihad Airways did not disclose the bid range a traveler can expect to pay for a seat. Depending how much someone wants to pay not to sit next to someone, a passenger might find it cheaper to upgrade to business class seat.

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