A teenage girl successfully created lens that can diagnosis a specific eye condition

Diabetes is a difficult disease to manage because of all the symptoms that have to be dealt with. Utilizing a specialized camera, there are pictures of the retina taken to diagnosis this illness.

Kopparapu started this project when her grandfather started experiencing diabetic retinopathy. Due to the lack of ophthalmologists, high number of patients and lack of accessibility within his location in a smaller city in East India– diagnosing is a problem. Kopparapu used her computer skills to develop a lens and an app that would be able to diagnosis this condition. During the entire process, she spoke to specialists in eye conditions, neurology and machine learning. By using the ability of a convolutional neural network, she utilized this machine learning that analyzes images. With this AI, she developed something that could diagnose these eye diseases. With a smartphone, lens and the app, diagnosis is easy.

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