Thriva is a home blood test that lets people track a range of internal blood markers associated with good or bad health

“The NHS is an incredible institution and is ‘free,’ but because it’s so challenging to access, people wait until they’re sick before lifting the lid on their bodies. The consequence? We’re locked in a reactive health paradigm,” said Hamish Grierson, co-founder and CEO of a Seedcamp-backed health startup based in London. “Until now, people haven’t been able to access the tools that enable them to take control; to own and to make better decisions about their health.”

Enter Thriva, a self-administered home finger-prick blood test supplier that is spearheading the ‘quantified self’ movement. With a quick poke of a needle, the device promises to track your cholesterol levels, liver and kidney functions, and a myriad of additional blood markers associated with good or bad health.

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