Camera Tool Helps Musicians Improve Their Posture While Practicing

Camera Tool Helps Musicians Improve Their Posture While Practicing
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Arthur Carabott developed the Musician's Mirror to help musicians improve their skills while also preventing lasting injuries

Zack Palm
  • 24 august 2017

If you’ve never had a music lesson, you may not know first-hand about the cliché of a music instructor nagging their students to keep up their posture. A musician’s posture matters a lot to performance and the prevention of long-lasting injuries. Wanting to assist those still learning these critical points, musician and developer Arthur Carabott created Musician’s Mirror, a program that observes the musician while they play to help them develop good posturing habits.

The program uses a camera mounted to a music stand to observe the musician while they play. Any time the player slumps or starts making an inappropriate movement, the program sounds a warning noise. The more the musician uses Musician’s Mirror, the more feedback they receive as the program provides a detailed report of their progress.

Carabott tested a prototype at the Royal College of Music in London and plans to try developing the program to operate on smartphones and tablets for musicians to use wherever they go.

Musician’s Mirror

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