Heart for Heart is an app that's crowdsourcing information on a serious, and often undiagnosed, heart rhythm disorder called AFIB

“If you could help save millions of lives in 90 seconds, what would you do?” This is the opening line to a promotional video for the smartphone technology Heart for Heart, created by Happitech. It’s a free app that monitors your heartbeat in a matter of seconds.

This crowdsourcing campaign isn't looking for money. Instead, the marketers want to spread awareness for a dangerous heart condition and collect as much data as possible to help diagnose and treat it in the future.

“Heart for Heart was created with the goal of crowdsourcing millions of heartbeats from around the world because an initiative of such unprecedented scale would transform our knowledge of heart health data and enlighten millions of lives,” Dr. Robert Riezebos, a cardiologist and advocate for this Happitech product, says in the video. Heart for Heart calls itself the world’s largest heart health initiative, with a goal to gain a million heart measurements while better understanding the characteristics of the participants.

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