Amazon And Cesar Millan Have Collaborated On An Audiobook For Dogs

Amazon And Cesar Millan Have Collaborated On An Audiobook For Dogs

Audible partnered with Cesar Millan to have him curate specific audiobooks for dogs to listen to while their owners leave them at home

Zack Palm
  • 11 august 2017

Dog owners who leave their furry companions at home when they go about their day can now purchase audiobooks exclusively chosen for their animals to help reduce the stress they often endure when left to their own devices at home.

The audiobooks were chosen in a partnership between Audible, owned by Amazon, and Cesar Millan, the host of television series Dog Whisperer. Millan believes the selected audiobooks help keep a dog calm throughout the day. The study Millan undertook showed that 76 percent of pet owners who played the books while they were away felt their companions were calmer than if they were left at home without anything playing.

Millan chose four books to feature in the collection. Each of the books come with a quick intro by Millan.


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