PSFK spoke to CEO Michael Weiss about Worlds Fair USA, the ambitious project looking to bring back the futuristic expos of yore through a series of public events

Draw a 3D object. Chew on some coffee. Pilot a drone with a first-person view in VR. Though it may sound like a day’s recreation from a more distant future, all of this will be available in New York City in just over two weeks.

The venue for these opportunities is Worlds Fair Nano at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. The two-day fair on September 16 and 17 will be the third of its kind, following a smaller test run in New York last August and another event in San Francisco in January. The Nano series is best described as a showcase of the future, featuring tech demos, talks, food and other products. It’s also the lead up to a far more ambitious venture known as Worlds Fair USA.

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