Dutch Airline’s Luggage Tag Doubles As An Audio Tour Guide To Amsterdam

Dutch Airline’s Luggage Tag Doubles As An Audio Tour Guide To Amsterdam

The KLM Care Tag provides location-based tips and helps keep travelers from getting lost

Matt Vitone
  • 8 august 2017

Netherlands-based airline KLM is showing it cares for its customers far beyond the arrival gate with a new innovative technology that helps travelers explore their destination more easily. The KLM Care Tag is an audio luggage tag equipped with GPS that provides travelers with tips and tricks for getting around Amsterdam.

Using GPS coordinates, the tag will automatically provide audio tips when in a certain location. This includes things like where to rent a boat on one of Amsterdam’s scenic canals and providing an estimate of the taxi fare from Schiphol Airport to the city center. The tag also provides friendly safety reminders, like reminding you to lock your bike or warning of traffic at busy intersections.

The really unique aspect of the tag is that all of the audio was recorded by KLM flight attendants, who give travelers warm advice at locations all around the city. The tag includes a rechargeable battery and works offline, so travelers need not worry about having internet while walking around.

The Care Tag will be available in limited quantities starting in September and can be pre-ordered on KLM’s website now. The tag is just the latest innovative idea to roll out from KLM, which has a knack for using technology in cool ways, including VR and biometric boarding.


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