Make Electronic Toys Out Of Paper With This Kit

Make Electronic Toys Out Of Paper With This Kit
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Cut here, fold there, and you'll be able to make your own electronic toy with this beautiful and tech savvy paper machine kit!

Azalea Pena
  • 28 august 2017

Have you ever wondered what’s inside electronic machines? Thanks to French Designers Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage, that fantasy has become a reality. The dynamic duo created Papier Machine, a paper kit that guides users to create their own electronic toys through simple instructions.

Papier Machine is comprised of 13 paper-made electronic toys. Each piece of paper can be cut and folded until the toy is assembled completely. There are instructions that come with the kit. However, the steps are not clear cut. Pinaffo and Pluvinage still want users to interpret the instructions themselves, opening up the pathway to more discoveries, especially for the kids.

Papier Machine_Electronic Toys Made of Paper_PSFK.jpg

At first glance, the printed paper looks like it’s just a 2D design. What’s amazing is that the print is actually equipped with reactive, conductive, and thermosensitive inks, which actually make these pieces of paper come to life!

Papier Machine_Paper Machine Projects_PSFK.jpg

While it doesn’t require expert skills to build these electronic toys, it does put one’s hands to good use. For kids, this can actually mean exposure to tech skills at an early age. And for adults, it’s all about just having fun! These are multiple projects available, such as Switch, Gyroscope, Playing Track, Writing Track, Switch 2, Tilt Switch, Humidity Sensor, Wind Sensor, Mass Sensor, Power Reverser, Photoresistor, and Color Sensor.

Papier Machine is described as “an expedition through the invisible aesthetics of the electronic.” If you’re interested, check out their official website to get more updates about this project. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy their instructional videos on YouTube.

Papier Machine

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