A New Bicycle Parking Garage In The Netherlands Is The Largest In The World

A New Bicycle Parking Garage In The Netherlands Is The Largest In The World

Bike parking in Utrecht is such an issue, this massive garage might not be big enough

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 15 august 2017

Bicycle riding is ingrained in the culture of the Netherlands. The country already has some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world. There are 1.3 more bicycles than people in the Netherlands, and a quarter of Dutch people cycle to work. That number is growing especially in cities like Utrecht where trips under five miles by bike have increased 40-43% in the past five years.

The Central Train Station in Utrecht is undergoing a massive redevelopment project focused on making the transportation hub more accessible and sustainable. Its new bicycle parking garage opens this summer, becoming the world’s largest.

The massive 56,000-square-foot underground facility is accessed by a series of ramps, making the journey to a parking space and back out easy. An early rendering of the garage shows color-coded pathways to guide navigation.

The garage launches with 6,000 available spaces and plans to expand to 12,500 by 2018. To put that into context, it could hold every single Citibike currently in New York’s bike sharing system and still have 2,500 spaces free. The garage offers free parking for the first 24 hours.

In addition to space for storing personal bikes, the Central Station garage will also be stocked with sharable bikes from OV-fiets.

Even though it will dethrone Tokyo’s Kasai underground station garage as the title holder, The Guardian reports that critics in the Netherlands already think the garage is not big enough. Utrecht is the Netherlands busiest cycling city. Currently 40% of people who arrive at the Central Station get there by bike. Officials say the new garage will help fix some bike parking issues, but more space will likely be needed to solve them in the future.


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