US Constitution Redesigned To Shed A New Light On Democracy

US Constitution Redesigned To Shed A New Light On Democracy

Hoping to spark a conversation around American democracy, ThoughtMatter tried to make the document easier to read and access

Jennifer Passas
  • 8 august 2017

Currently the political climate in the United States is defined by polarization. Politicians haphazardly cite amendments from the American constitution for partisan purposes which has subsequently resulted in a general lack of understanding of the founding documents. In response to this, NYC-based branding firm ThoughtMatter has redesigned the US Constitution in an effort to make it more easily digestible for everyone.

Dubbed For The People: Redesigning the Constitution, the project takes the 230-year old document and transforms it into a booklet that can easily be placed in schools and libraries.

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Beyond just making it more aesthetically pleasing, the typography, imagery and layout of the Constitution were specifically designed to ease readability. The agency hopes that with a clearer format, awareness and understanding of the document will increase and result in conversations about the principles of democracy.

First signed in 1787, the US Constitution is the frame of the nation’s government, with 27 amendments that have been made to reflect cultural changes in the course of history. The original document is four pages long and kept in the National Archives in Washington D.C.. ThoughtMatter used a transcript of the original from the archive as the foundation for their project to ensure an accurate recount of the content.

The resulting document created by the agency was printed on blue soy-based ink paper using a Risograph printer. Typography was used to highlight the Constitutions first three words “We the people,” splayed across the cover and in the book’s center.

Thought Matter successfully received funding from a Kickstarter campaign and is now planning on distributing 1,000 copies to schools and libraries across the US by September 17—the same date the Constitution was signed.

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