Samsung Launches AR Service That Will Help The Legally-Blind See

Samsung Launches AR Service That Will Help The Legally-Blind See

From their incubator, company launches what could be a life-changing app

Leo Lutero
  • 29 august 2017

Samsung has recently launched an app for newer Galaxy phones that turn them into valuable tools for the visually impaired. The app with Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8 or S8 Edge phones. Called Relúmĭno, the app from Samsung’s C-Lab incubator is now available from the Oculus store. It’s free to download and use for the compatible devices.

It works with the smartphone’s existing cameras. The Relumino app processes the rear camera feed according to the specifications of the user. It then displays an image optimized to the vision impairment of the user. For example, in cases where there are blind spots in the visual field, Relumino can relocate areas of the view. In cases of extremely blurred vision, the app can highlight edges in the image. Contrast and zooming can also be altered.

SAmsung relumino app 1 .jpg

Similar technology already exists in stand-alone devices such as eSight but the availability in smartphones can help spread adaptation. As The Verge reports, eSight goggles retail for $9,995. While a full-size VR headset might be too much to wear for an entire day, it won’t be for long. Samsung reveals the team behind Relúmĭno is working on its own pair of goggles.

Relúmĭno by Samsung

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