This Service Wants To Help You Rent A Dream Car For A Day

This Service Wants To Help You Rent A Dream Car For A Day

DriveShare allows car enthusiasts to rent and drive vintage vehicles owned by collectors

Zack Palm
  • 22 august 2017

Car collectors are adamant about making sure their vehicles remain in top condition, and this goes beyond having them look good. Cars must be driven every so often to keep their internal parts in shape, but collectors do not always have ample time to do so. This motivated car insurance company Hagerty to launch DriveShare, a car sharing service that lets users take classic cars out for a drive, following a $500 deposit and a background check.

Owners of the vehicle can choose to rent their car or have it go out on a lease to anyone interested in borrowing it. The fee for renting or leasing out one of these cars varies based on the owner’s choice. Current listings on the website include a 1981 Delorean renting out for $800 a day in Jamul, California, or a 2005 Ferrari F430 for $1,300 a day in Farmingdale, New York.

As of right now, DriveShare has over 135 cars available to rent, with more expected to arrive on the platform.


Lead Image: Josh Rinard | Unsplash

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