This Redesigned Pencil Sharpener Is Made To Last A Lifetime

This Redesigned Pencil Sharpener Is Made To Last A Lifetime
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Høvel was created when Brahman Design grew dissatisfied with how the classic pencil sharpener works

Azalea Pena
  • 3 august 2017

Even traditional pencil sharpeners need a change. Brahman Design took the initiative to make an intuitive and ergonomic sharpener that can actually last a life, introducing Høvel.

Brahman grew dissatisfied with how the everyday pencil sharpener works. The blade eventually gets dull and there’s always a tendency to break the pencil lead which is a waste. Høvel takes on the issues head on by utilizing the traditional hand plane principles. It offers easy to change blades, a highly durable body, and most importantly, give users the precision control they need to sharpen a pencil in whatever way they want to.

Hovel_redesigned sharpener_PSFK.gif

Høvel comes in two designs: anodized aluminum and polished brass. You can also use to use the sharpener alone or attach a base to store the shavings. The bass is made from wood and available in cherry and ash finishes.

Høvel Pencil Sharpener

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