Turn Your Voice Recording Into A Custom Piece Of Pottery

Turn Your Voice Recording Into A Custom Piece Of Pottery
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Design studio Common Works is letting customers record voice or movement to create unique pottery pieces for purchase

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 28 august 2017

Nothing preserves a moment in time better than a piece of art. Now London-based design studio Common Works is helping people take a snapshot of themselves and turn it into a unique piece of pottery.

Its new e-commerce platform Miko allows customers to record their voice or body movements and then translates them into a special ceramic imprint. From there, they are made by hand by trained ceramic artists. The technology is a lot of fun to play with—just choose a starter piece and alter it by recording your voice or connecting your phone and moving it around. In order to be precise, special machines are used to cut the molds, meaning that customers will get their own specially designed vase that is unique to them.

Watch the process of turning audio into art in the video below.

Common Works

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