Walmart Has Put Its First Augmented Reality Toy On The Shelves

Walmart Has Put Its First Augmented Reality Toy On The Shelves
Augmented & Virtual Reality

Merge developed an augmented reality toy to allow users to directly interact with the digital objects they see on their screen

Zack Palm
  • 11 august 2017

While the technology for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences normally feature high-end, expensive equipment, Merge, a toy company specializing in virtual reality, want the products they develop to be accessible to everyone. So far, Merge have launched two products to Walmart: their VR/AR Goggles and, just recently, the Merge Cube, a physical object for users to directly interact with digital images they see on a screen.

The Merge Goggles look like a typical virtual reality device and fit over the user’s head as many do, however, there were some big changes to this as these were created to be utilized by someone as young as 10. Instead of relying on a large computer, the user can simply download the Merge application onto their smartphone and slide it to the front of the headset. The material used for the device makes it far more durable and portable.  While the Goggles were made for those from age 10 and above, the Merge cube was intended for younger audiences for their first ever virtual reality experience.


The Merge Cube utilizes a physical cube that the kids can use to directly interact with the digital objects they see on the screen. Before a child starts playing with it, they require an adult’s assistance in setting it up, to use their email to make an account on the Merge application. The Cube works with the virtual reality headset or a smartphone to display the images.


The virtual reality toy launched in Walmart stores on August 1, along with the Merge Miniverse, a digital hub where users can download compatible applications for the Cube and the Goggles. The library consists of a variety of virtual and augmented reality content, games, and 360-degree videos for users to explore. Before purchasing either of the devices, anyone can visit the hub at to get an idea of what they have available.

Merge Cube

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