Adobe’s Principal Designer Made A Notebook Filled With Creative Prompts

Adobe’s Principal Designer Made A Notebook Filled With Creative Prompts
Arts & Culture

The notebook contains unfinished illustrations to spark thoughts and encourage constant inspiration

Jiwon Kim
  • 29 september 2017

Adobe principal designer Khoi Vinh and notebook brand Baron Fig partnered up to create an interactive limited edition notebook called Unfinish. Unfinish is meant to be doodled in and comes filled with incomplete pictures that invite people to complete the design in any way they see fit. The unfinished illustrations are meant to serve as prompts that guide the creative process.

All the pages within the notebook contain different light blue drawings that are meant to be iterated on. The blue ink is light so doodlers can choose to draw over it or expand on it if they want. Drawings include incomplete clocks, an umbrella and even a headless horse. The design is centered on creating an inspirational experience for the doodler.

The creators explain, “With Unfinish, the idea is based around the question, ‘Why does a sketchbook have to have blank pages?'”


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