Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer’s Body Heat

Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer’s Body Heat
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This smartwatch sends out pulses to trick the wearer's nervous system into either cooling or heating their body

Zack Palm
  • 22 september 2017

A Hong Kong-based company created the Aircon Watch, a smartwatch designed to heat or cool the wearer’s wrist. The developers claim the watch will assist in regulating the wearer’s body overall temperature. They based their technology on results gathered by researchers from Stanford University, who did a study on a human’s body temperature regulation in 2012.

The watch regulates the wearer’s body temperature through the device’s strap, which sends out pulses to trick a wearer’s nervous system. For example, if a person feels too warm in a room they can activate their watch to send out pulses to inform their body it needs to cool down. The Aircon Watch’s battery keeps it operating for four hours of cooling and eight hours of heating.

The company created a Kickstarter campaign and has already reached its funding goal. Anyone may still back campaign before it closes on October 12, and backers can expect to have their Aircon Watch delivered to them this December.

Aircon Watch

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