A Bitcoin ATM Has Arrived In A New York Deli

A Bitcoin ATM Has Arrived In A New York Deli
Financial Services

Mario's Gorumet Deli added a Coinsource bitcoin ATM to their store alongside a traditional cash one

Zack Palm
  • 12 september 2017

A bitcoin ATM has arrived in Mario’s Gourmet Deli in New York. The machine comes from Coinsource, which pays the store a monthly fee to host it. Customers can give the ATM cash to have it transferred into their digital account. Presently, a whole single bitcoin amounts to nearly $4,000.

New Yorkers and visitors who want to use the bitcoin ATM can find it at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 106th Street.

Mario’s Gourmet | Coinsource

Lead Image: Tomás Fano | CC

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