Classic Card Game Uno Has Been Redesigned For Color-Blind People

Classic Card Game Uno Has Been Redesigned For Color-Blind People

Mattel has redesigned the card game so that it is easier for people with visual impairments to play

Jennifer Passas
  • 11 september 2017

UNO, the lovable game that asks players to match colors and numbers and has remained essentially the same for generations, is getting a makeover. The new version addresses the fact that many people with color blindness are not able to play because of their inability to distinguish different colors, namely red and green. The new deck utilizes a new iconography system which presents a small icon next to every number that helps players identify color.

Mattel conducted a 60-day redesign of the game that looked at a variety of solutions, including changing the original color scheme. The company decided against a simple color change because they could be back in the same spot with a new color leading to the same issue for players who are color blind.

Mattel decided to use the ColorADD system that uses iconography to identify colors. The primary colors red, blue and yellow each get their own shapes that can be combined to create secondary colors, such as green.

While the game has been revolutionized to be more accommodating to everyone, the changes are minimal enough that many players might not even notice the difference.

The new color-blind version of UNO is currently only available on the Mattel website. Mattel is unsure at this point how much demand there will be for the new inclusive design. Because the game has very small changes to its look, the inclusive design could in future become the main version of UNO. At this time Mattel isn’t ready to make the shift to the inclusive design because the game has done so well for so long as it is. That said, it seems that the subtle shift is worth it if Mattel’s goal is to be truly accessible to all audiences.


Lead Image: Bob Owen | CC

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